For someone thev love.

Madama Wedding surrounded by greenery, close to the Ionian Sea is an ideal place to host the newlyweds and their entourage. Nothing more suitable, in fact, to organize a reception that fully exploits the suggestive romantic vibrations that emanate from these environments.

The room, without central columns, is perfectly suited for events of this kind, and can accommodate up to about 450 people. The structure also has an internal parking.

Every detail will be taken care of and will make your event unique and inimitable.

The most beautiful day

Reaching the property is very easy, it is located in Steccato di Cutro (Kr) on the main road, and it is surrounded by a Pineta and a wonderful park , and finally, with its enchanting gardens and outdoor spaces, it offers ideal areas to serve an aperitif before the wedding banquet or, in the summer, for an unforgettable outdoor ceremony on board pool.

Without forgetting the suggestiveness of the sea which is located right in front of the structure and can be easily reached on foot.


Exclusive location...

Stefano and Erminia have chosen Madama Wedding to celebrate their wedding . Here are some moments of a wonderful day in their company.

Those who live in love, they live on eternity.

For you, who live forever, a precious location straddling the infinity of the sea and your love.

For your most beautiful day


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